Marcin Ryczek – his photography “a man feeding swans in the snow ” has gained worldwide publicity

Marcin Ryczek specializes mainly in minimalist and symbolic photography. His photography a man feeding swans in the snow  has gained worldwide publicity and has become one of the most recognizable photos of recent years. In his work he uses geometry and symbols  . The main principle that is guided in photography is the assumption of a minimum form, maximum content  . Photographs by Marcin Ryczek were presented, among others at exhibitions in Japan, USA, Germany, China, the Netherlands, Romania, India, England, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Serbia and France  . They were published in magazines, journals and websites of many countries in the world – (among others) in The Guardian Der Spiegel  , Jedi’ot Acharonot , La Repubblica , Politiken , Athens Voice , National Gegraphic . His works are on the covers of books by well-known Polish reporters, including Wojciech Jagielski and Piotr Kłodkowski .

One of the most recognizable photographs of the artist, A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow , won numerous prizes in significant international competitions, was also admitted to the prestigious Bibliothèque nationale de France collection and the collection of the Silesian Museum  . One of the most influential American portals of The Huffington Post, considered the photo as one of the 5 best photographs of the world in 2013 , In 2017, Marcin Ryczek’s photograph was on the cover of the book 100 Great Street Photographs – by David Gibson .

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